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Integrating today’s electronic and physical security systems is one of the most effective ways to combat criminal activity and reduce ongoing operations costs. More businesses are realising the benefits of integrating their electronic fire and security systems into a centrally monitored and controlled package. Integrated systems can be controlled manually or automatically, locally or remotely and from one or more terminals.

To deliver these benefits, an integrated solution should be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. Such systems can be used to control CCTV surveillance systems, to react to sensors automatically triggered by intruder or fire alarm settings, to control gates or barriers into restricted areas and to manage facility management functions such as lighting and heating control.

Systems must be designed, installed and maintained with great care and consideration for the customer’s immediate and long term needs, a quality Plexus Group members has acquired following many years of developing hybrid solutions with customers.
Whether your need is for consultation and advice at the design stage, or if you need effective solutions to existing problems, we will put our expertise at your disposal.

Plexus Group members can provide the electronic security system you need. From system design, to supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance we are ready to help you build a safer, more secure environment.

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