Plexus Security Group specialise in service & maintenance of all security systems

Security Systems Service and Maintenance

Plexus Group member’s commitment to service is our highest priority. Member’s engineers provide a service second to none for their customers. We believe that comprehensive routine maintenance on a regular basis is the most efficient way of reducing unnecessary problems.

Plexus Group member’s service schedules are computer controlled and customers are visited systematically, with detailed inspections carried out at each visit to the required standard and code of practice laid down by ISO 9000. Plexus Group member’s engineers are also inspected for their performance by internal and external audits.

As well as routine maintenance, emergency service is provided on all types of systems with specialist engineers providing a round the clock response. A system must be operational to perform its function and Plexus Group members are dedicated not only to designing the best systems but also to maintaining them all year round.

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Security Systems Service and Maintenance | Security Systems Service and Maintenance |